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$WEB3 Tokenomics


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What is WEB3 Doge

Web3 Doge allows you to enter the metaverse by employing a 3D NFT avatar of your real pet on the Web3 Doge platform.

Why Web3 and Metaverse?

In Web3, ownership and control are decentralized. Users and builders can own pieces of internet services by owning tokens which are both non-fungible (NFTs) and fungible. Tokens give users property rights and it means users having the ability to own a piece of the internet.

NFTs give users the ability to own objects, which can be art, photos, code, music, text, game objects, credentials, governance rights, access passes, and whatever else people dream up next.


Metaverse could approach $800 billion tackling live events, ads. The global Metaverse revenue opportunity could approach $800 billion in 2024 vs. about $500 billion in 2020, based on our analysis and Newzoo, IDC, PWC, Statista and Two Circles data. The primary market for online game makers and gaming hardware may exceed $400 billion in 2024 while opportunities in live entertainment and social media make up the remainder.


Web3 Doge Utility

With increasing emphasis on use case of metaverse projects, Web3 Doge will lay out comprehensive plans to establish our utility so that we may scale up our market capitalization quickly, gaining market share swiftly.

  • Game (Play-to-earn)
    Dual income for Web3 Doge from the deployment of social NFT Marketplace and leveraging on an in-game NFT marketplace that will help to increase value with participation. $WEB3 play to earn game concept will allow you to build kennels, upgrade, rent and level up your kennels.
  • NFT Marketplace
    In-game NFT elements will be created for pets - clothing, accessories, accommodation, food. The NFTs are minted with limited supply and will generate income to the creator.
  • Web3 Doge ($WEB3) utility
    $WEB3 may be utilized in games, events and even for trading of NFTs. Each transaction in the Web3 Doge ecosystem will utilize the native token.
  • Pet Dao
    Simply holding and staking the pet NFTs, you may participate in the unique pet DAO where you can exercise your voting and governance rights.

$WEB3 Play-To-Earn GameFi

Upgrades, Buy, Sell or Rent to Earn.


Your XP will increase as you upgrade your kennels and continue to build your empire, and you will gain additional rewards each time. You may accelerate the upgrade process using $WEB3 or by watching ads.


Off-chain players will be able to rent kennels from On-chain users through contracts. This activity will not impair the Off-chain players’ economy or their actions throughout the game.


You will have two options when it comes to selling kennels (NFT) to others. It can be through a direct offer or auction into the game and via external marketplaces such as Binance NFT MarketPlace or through Web3 Doge MarketPlace.

WEB3 Doge - Metaverse Pet

Web3 Doge blends gaming, social, and blockchain in the most innovative ways to provide a passive revenue stream for our token and its users. At the same time, we wish to add value to our investors and to provide them superior services.

    DAO Committee
  • ● Rights to Remove / Add members
  • ● Modification of Governance Rules

    DAO Community
  • ● Governance voting
  • ● Proposal to Committee on changes

WEB3 Doge Team
Olivia Gilmore

Chief Marketing Officer 
Oliver James

Dev Team Project Manager 

Blockchain Game Director 

Studio Head 
Adrian Welby

Lead Technical Artist 
Yves Wong

3D Artist 

Our Roadmap

There is a lot we are doing, and here is a preview of some major milestones in our journey.

March to May 2022

  • Website launch
  • CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap Listing
  • 50,000 holders
  • Media Releases
  • TrustWallet, TokenPocket Updates
  • Partnership with CoinZilla
  • BSC scan blue tick
  • CEX Listing – BkEx, Bitmart, MEXC, Gate
  • PetDao Stress Test, Beta Launch
  • $WEB3 Metaverse Beta Launch
  • Staking & Farming Program
  • AMA with Project Founders

May to July 2022

  • 100,000 Telegram Members
  • 200,000 Holders
  • $WEB3 NFT Marketplace
  • $WEB3 staking
  • Customized airdrop campaign
  • CEX Listing – GateIO, Huobi, Kucoin, Bybit
  • $WEB3 Android and Iphone release
  • Twitter influencer Promotion
  • Banners and Billboards in major cities

July to Oct 2022

  • CEX Listing – OKX, Binance, Coinbase
  • 1,000,000 holders
  • Cross chain launch - Ethereum, Polygon, 0x cross bridge
  • Guild DAO

Oct to Dec 2022

  • Meetup Events
  • Ambassador Program with Celebrities
  • Large Billboard on New York, Dubai, London & more.
  • Crypto Conventions Speaker and Sponsor

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